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Chris is the owner of Level 10 Living. His mission; to shake up the old way of thinking and empower people to reach higher levels of success, in business and in their lives. He strongly believes that in order to be truly successful in business, in life you need to have the right mindset, and work on all areas of your life. Make sure to connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

33: Selecting The Best Content Strategy For Your Business

33- Selecting The Best Content Strategy For Your Business

You know you should be putting content out to the world to help attract more customers and clients. But where do you even begin? Do you write blogs? Record videos? Live videos? What about a podcast? Do you use Facebook, or Instagram, or twitter, but what about Pinterest? There are so many options and often what happens is people get ...

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32: Failing & Modelling Your Way To Success

6 tips to improve biomechanics

Failure is a part of success. All successful people talk about how they have failed, how it has been a part of their journey. In fact most successful people have failed more than others have ever even tried. Failing just means you are pushing yourself, stepping outside of your comfort zone. it means you are going to grow as a ...

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30: Jairek Robbins On Creating Success In Your Business And Life

Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins unlocks the secrets for maximising your performance and creating success in business & life. He does this with individuals and businesses all over the world. Here in this episode we cover all kinds of things from why its important for you to be present, to why you need to get over your ego if you want to take your business to ...

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29: Rachael Hall Helping You Get Into A State Of Flow

29- Rachael Hall Helping You Get Into A State Of Flow

Rachael Hall is going to help you get into a state of flow. Where everything just seems easy and effortless. Where you fly through your work with an amazing energy. Would that make a difference? You BET! Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Android  | Listen on Soundcloud In This Episode You’ll Discover: Lessons learned from being a professional dancer and how ...

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28. Rachel France On Failure & Creating A Movement In The Fitness Industry

28- Rachel France (Biomechanics Education) On Failure & Creating A Movement In The Fitness Industry

Today we have the pleasure of being joined by Rachel France of Biomechanics Education. Rachel’s biomechanics coaching education programmes are in high demand throughout the fitness industry and it all comes from the idea of creating movement. Find out what she means in this episode. Also discover how a failed business taught Rachel key lessons and allowed her to move forward ...

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