27: Why Now Is The Time To Hire Your First Employee

Why now is the time to hire your first employee

Hiring your first employee or even outsourcing some work can be terrifying. But you can only take your business so far on your own. You should be leveraging people to help you grow your business. Too often business owners get stuck working full time IN their business, when they should be spending more and more time working ON their business. ...

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How To Get More People To Visit Your Website

How to get more people to visit your website and buy

So you have built a website, you have launched your business, but you have had a grand total of 4 visits to your site in the last month, 3 being you and 1 your mum. You have built it, so why is no one visiting? This is one of the biggest pains of starting your business, and a real sticking ...

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How To Avoid Burnout As A Business Owner

How Avoid Burnout As A Business Owner, Work Life Balance

Acheiving A Work-Life Balance… And what Leicester City FC can teach us about it (read till the end to find out). As a business owner there are rarely times where you switch off. Can you relate? I don’t know about you but I am always thinking about what is the next thing I can do to drive the business forward, how ...

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Increasing Profits In Your Business Using Upsells

You want fries with that? Use Upsells To Grow Your Business

McDonalds make 8 X the initial profit when they upsell you the coke and fries! Upsells are a great way to seriously increase revenues in your business. The up-sell can be more expensive than the product they just bought, way more expensive if you want. For example, perhaps you sell them an online fitness programme, well the upsell could be ...

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Relationships Are Key To Your Success

Relationships Are Key To Success

“You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” A great message from Jim Rohn. So if you want to be successful in business, then get around people who have done it already! You are more likely to be successful just by being around them. Your focus should be on building great relationships for success ...

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How To Quit Your Job & Launch Your Business…Quickly!

How to quit your job and start a business

So you have finally had enough of working all hours of the day and night for someone else. You are fed up with being bossed around and told that your ideas are useless by someone who has no idea whats going on. You are fed up of chasing the next promotion, jumping through hoops only to get no where. I think ...

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